Public speaking  is the #1 fear of Americans, even higher than death. Public speaking ranks as a top fear amongst most people. It’s usually right behind “getting eaten by a shark” or “falling off a skyscraper”. But, actually,  it is an art which can be cultivated by learning  necessary skills.

The days of the shrinking violets are over. The world is changing, and there is no longer a future for people who are unable to promote themselves and sell their services and skills.

Public speaking can be a serious energy drain especially if you are an introvert. So one of the most important public speaking tips  for introverts is to make sure you’ve got some alone time scheduled both before and after an event that will allow you to recharge and process the experience.

Public speaking is an art of delivering a speech with clarity, logic, confidence, and conviction. It is an art, one need to master. It is an art feared by most, but this feared art is not unconquerable. It is an art which can be cultivated by learning necessary skills.

Public speaking is really all about confidence in yourself, in your purpose, and in your preparation. Very often, confidence grows with practice and with preparation. But even great orators and speakers who have been giving speeches for many years admit to feeling nervous before a speech.

Be confident in yourself and know that you’re knowledgeable and an authority figure in what you have to say. Then, write a speech keeping your audience in mind. Make sure you cater to their backgrounds, and include a specific call to action.

Public speaking is a viable business path to pursue. It is a great skill set to have, no matter your career path. It is a fantastic communication skill. It is a skill that you can practice and improve. Public speaking can be a LOT of fun, but only if you practice.

So if you want to convey a message with confidence, stand up straight with your shoulders back and your weight evenly distribute on both feet, smile, make eye contact with the audience and speak in a loud, clear voice.

The most important thing here is to keep the story short and on-point. Don’t go all over the place with it! Know the story you’re going to tell ahead of time, and resist the temptation to improvise on the fly.

Use humor to help win over the audience and make your speech stand out. If you have a natural talent for comedy or impersonations etc. then use it. If you don’t then don’t worry about it, even the most serious of us can be funny at times (often even without meaning it).

Public speaking is communication in action. It is an audio and visual experience for the audience No-one really enjoys a robotic type delivery where the speaker stays rooted to the spot with a deadpan expression. Talk like you normally talk, don’t attempt to speak in a way that is unnatural to you. Viewers will detect this right away and you will appear like a fake. Remain natural and your presentation will come across well.


Source: Success Tools




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