Some heavy weed smokers have honestly tried to quit smoking weed before (and failed). They probably know there isn’t much help out there for weed smokers – and the longer they smoke it, the harder it is to quit.

There are the 2 CRITICAL REASONS many regular smokers trying to quit – fail within 2 weeks:

The active ingredient in marijuana (and the reason people smoke weed) is THC. And THC content, in the weed, is rising all the time. Weed grown in 2015 is twice as strong as marijuana grown just 10 years ago. Weed is now a harder drug.

This is often overlooked – and many people that smoke weed regularly (or for a long time) are now experiencing serious problems when they try quitting weed.


It’s crazy, but most people trying to stop smoking marijuana do nothing to help detoxify. Detox is more important in marijuana than in any other drug… This is becoming more popular for people quitting weed, because the chemicals in weed have an ability to stay in the body for a long time.

Detox designed for marijuana will flush the system of built up toxins, helping quit smoking weed easily. This can also help stop cravings to smoke weed, created in the body.

When inhaling weed, THC moves quickly from the lungs to the bloodstream to get one stoned, this is a known fact. But from that point on, weed is completely different to any other drug… Why?

Because after making one high, metabolites of marijuana store in the fat cells of the body and stay there for months. While still inside the body, marijuana is released slowly back into the bloodstream.

A regular marijuana smoker will experience many physical symptoms when they quit. Thing is, most smokers believe weed has no physical effects at all. This is another reason why so many have trouble quitting weed…

By removing toxins in the body it is possible to eliminate cravings and even physical withdrawals. This way of quitting is easier than trying to fight the own thoughts, feelings and desires created in psychological addiction. Smokers now have a real method to follow in order to quit weed

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